Members of the Fleet of Seven have always had little value compared to other pirates. This is because when entering the organization, the bounty is completely frozen by the Navy and therefore no longer updated. However, things have completely changed ONE PIECE after the reverie.

The pirates of the Fleet of the Seven have completely lost their rights due to an epochal election, however adopted by all nations just oppressed by these pirates who have been able to sail the seas with impunity. Because of this, the Fleet of Seven bounties have had a complete overhaul. There are the new sizes of Drakul Mihawk and Crocodile, surely those of other characters not yet verified will also arrive.

And given the situation what is the new size of boa hancock? 80 million berries is just a reminder of an era when the snake princess was much younger and less dangerous, but over time her power has increased significantly. During the Amazon Lily battle narrated in a flashback at the end of the Wano saga, this was revealed Boa Hancock has a bounty of 1,659,000,000 berries. So the increase was huge, about 18 times the previous value. Considering the increase, Boa Hancock is confirmed as one of ONE PIECE's most important pirates, but also one of the most dangerous pirates in general, the Second Navy, and World Government.

It's possible that the value will rise again in view of some other fights while now waiting to know the official bounties of other pirates who have been in this limbo for years since their inception.

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