A press release officially confirmed that the manga was written and illustrated Koume Fujichika, Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta (The girl I like forgot her glasses), will have an anime adaptation. The statement gave no production details, but did note that the premiere is planned for this year in Japan.

The statement also included a special illustration and commentary by Koume FujichikaWho wrote: "There will be an anime adaptation! I am very happy because I always dreamed about it. I would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far, thank you very much. Ever since I heard the news, I've been over the moon with my luck and haven't set foot on the ground yet. The members of the production team work lovingly on the piece. I hope everyone is looking forward to seeing the world of Komura and Mie live. 2023 will be the best year ever!Β».

Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta

Fujichika started publishing the manga through the monthly magazine Gangan Joker from the publisher Square Enix since November 2018. However, the author had already published the work via her official Twitter account since April of the same year. He has also written other works such as "Tonari no Oneesan ga Suki (I love the older girl next door.)"Y"Goshujinsama no Shikabane (corpse of the master)" to name a few.

Synopsis for Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta

As Ai Mie's desk partner, Kaede Komura always drew her attention. Attracted by her pretty charm, he just wants her to look at him with those beautiful eyes from under her glasses. But within days of meeting her, Kaede notices something else about Ai: her eyes are narrowed and her glasses are missing. Despite everything, he finds her adorable.

Unexpectedly, Ai tends to forget her glasses. Due to his poor eyesight, he finds it difficult to get through the school day. Fortunately, Kaede is more than willing to help her. As Ai begins to trust him, Kaede's feelings for her grow even more. Likewise, despite her nearsightedness, Kaede gradually becomes the person Ai always hopes to see.

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