Less and less is missing in the port of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, the new movie linked to the Akira Toriyama franchise that, as usual, we will deepen in detail on our pages. As we await the film's debut in Japan, let's take a look at the latest trailer that has aired over the past few hours.

TOEI animation has intensified the advertising campaign in anticipation of the forthcoming release of the film The Rising Sun. For the occasion, in fact, the production has started to circulate teaser trailers of a few seconds with some previews of the feature film in question on social networks. While Bulma and Majin Buu appeared in the last PV, the staff turned the spotlight on Gohan and little Pan in the newest.

Just the son of Son Goku was the protagonist of the new clip, also attached at the bottom of the news, in which we see him fighting with all the forms known so far: from this base, to the Super Saiyan, to the 'Supreme' form. The video ends with a beautiful scene in which gohanhe comes with his torn clothes accompanied by his daughter Pan, who runs to hug him.

So this is another teaser that reaffirms the young Saiyan's central role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. And what do you think of this promotional video? Let us know with a comment below.

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