The attack by the giants 132 will arrive on September 9, 2020. With this issue we celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the manga by Hajime Isayama, who was born in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine on September 9, 2009. There will be a completely dedicated cover for this, but what interests readers most is to see how the story of Eren Jaeger will develop.

That's why what we'll read in Attack of the Giants 132? After the focus on Eren Jaeger in the last two chapters, who finally showed us what the protagonist thinks after several months of closure, now it is the turn of the alliance between Eldians and Marleyans. Armin played with Annie on the last pages of the last chapter and will likely be the protagonist of The Attack of the Giants 132 as well, at least on the opening pages.

It is imperative that the ship touch the continent in order for the azumabito technicians to work with the seaplane that will allow them to reach Eren. Other difficulties are unlikely to arise, also because this would mean the impossibility of contacting the protagonist. The only ones who could break this combination between Eren and Armin are Historia and maybe Floch. If the Queen has been featured in the flashback and has so far acted in no way, Floch was instead given up for dead after falling into the water, but there is no certainty of her status. And even Zeke could take the opportunity to take some steps, perhaps by contacting Historia.

fact is that The knots taper for the attack of the giants.

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