The information magazine specializing in technology, Sony has announced AT & T's offer to sell Crunchyroll to the figure of about one and a half billion dollars. Sony reportedly hesitated on the proposal, rating it unduly high.

The source then reported that AT & T's offer, This could indicate the manager's willingness to reduce his debt burden, currently set at $ 151 billion. The website also reported an attempt by an AT&T subsidiary, WarnerMedia, to sell Crunchyroll in May.

However, again according to the information, WarnerMedia would have made the decision to allow the new CEO Jason Kilar to evaluate the "business and maneuvering strategy". Should the two parties reach an amicable solution, Sony's position in the streaming market would continue to strengthen, already owned by Crunchyroll's direct rival Funimation.

Crunchyroll has impressive numbers that make it one of the leading services in the entire market: in June 2018 it exceeded three million subscribers and 70 million registered users.

Crunchyroll Italia announces all new releases including Re: Zero 2 and God of High School. Crunchyroll: Streaming Anime for August 2020.

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