Several weeks have passed since the finale of The Attack of the Giants, and readers are slowly extrapolating the details of the chapters before the last to delve into the entire path that led Hajime Isayama to the conclusion of his great masterpiece.

While some are still struggling to change the ending of The Attack of the Giants, with a petition that currently has 9,000 signatures, others have taken the opportunity to re-read some old chapters to understand the nuances of the characters who are a better understand central role in the story. Two of them certainly are Eren and Reiner who in a way are me more similar characters of the whole work.

During their pre-war confrontation, Eren reveals to his ex that he is just like him. In chapter 133, Reiner speaks to the research corps survivors and finds that he is not that different from them. Jean himself explains that he has nothing to complain about, as he too has become a murderer over time in order to save other people. And it is precisely this phase that helps Reiner understand what Eren was probably thinking, or she Intentions of the latter to be stopped for the burden of extermination is something that no one can easily bear or even forgive.

After all, Reiner himself is the one who helped open a break in the walls in the Shiganshina district many years ago, which inevitably led to the deaths of numerous people. And it's amazing how many chapters before the last one Hajime Isayama had already anticipated Eren's intentions through the words of this figure, who can understand him more than anyone else. And you, instead, what do you think of the connection between the two? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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