The confrontation between heroes and villains was inevitable. The last act of My Hero Academy Thanks to the spectacular fight between Shoto and Dabi, it has started and has now moved to the next phase. In Chapter 355, available on the site and in the Manga Plus application, the clash with All For One comes at an important turning point.

The chapter titled “extraOpens with a brief update to Endeavor. The Pro Hero is still alive after taking a heavy hit from All For One and falling to the ground. Enji immediately directs his thoughts to his children and to them responsibility he has as number one. The scene then switches to the fight between Hawks and All For One. Hawks manages to sense that Endeavor is still alive, and after a brief exchange with Tsukuyomi, she agrees to work with him and Kyoka.

All For One immediately launches the attack on the young heroine who, reunited with Tsukuyomi, accepts the strategy of focusing her sound waves on the villain’s mask, her only weak point. Despite various attempts to approach All For One, Hawks is injured in multiple places. Kyoka loses her left ear. To respond, the young hero unleashes the Heartbeat Wall Legato, a move that allows Hawks to unleash a devastating punch that he pulls through Destroy part of the All For One mask.

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