ONE PIECE 993: The revenge of the enemy, and what will happen to the protagonists?

Although almost unscratchable, there have been times when the mighty and enormous Kaido of the Hundred Beasts has been injured. One of these wounds is still on his skin, as evidenced by a scar on his chest. It was made by Oden Kozuki more than twenty years ago and whose history we knew about it A PIECE of flashback.

However, in ONE PIECE 992, Kaido suffered a new injury. Unpredictably, the Red Sheaths managed to inflict a lot of damage on him. How will the story go on?

ONE PIECE 993 begins with the Marriage between Gotti and Laura Big Mom's daughter's dream of love is finally celebrated on Capone Bege's ship. However, the focus is first on Wanokuni, where people celebrate the fire festival, and then Onigashima. The latter is obviously the main scenario in which we will find out what the real power of the bullets fired by Queen is.

The plague this time is the "ice demon" who transforms the wounded into huge icy men who attack and transform even those around them. The area is closed because, according to Queen, anyone lying on the ground is dead. The scene then switches to Luffy and Sanji hitting a headliner with a gorilla shaped hand. It intervenes Jinbe wipes out all enemies in the areawhich also provokes Sanji's savory reaction.

Meanwhile, Bao Huang finds Shinobu, Momonosuke and Yamato and reports everything to the king. The order for the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts is to kill Momonosuke, which will facilitate the rebellion. The first to arrive is Sasaki and his group: They seriously injure Shinobu Yamato prepares for the fight.

Finally, a glance is also directed at the dome. Kaido recovers from another samurai strike and launches a sharp wind wave and one of the attacks injures Kiku by ripping off his arm. ONE PIECE will return next week with Chapter 994.

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