Black Clover 269: a sword fight for Asta

Asta is at the center of an unexpected new battle. In search of a workout that could make him stronger and be able to face the Dark Triad again, he turned to Nacht, the mysterious vice-captain of the Black Bull Black clover He was catapulted into training that could destroy him forever.

After knowing the tragic story of love, the devil brings us back to the present Black clover 269 and shows us what his capabilities are. In the meantime he is clouded by his desire for revenge on the other devils for Licita's death and attacks Asta. Indeed, he may own the boy's body, who naturally is reluctant to give him up and with which he begins to struggle.

The fight continues with Asta scoring a punch with his left fist despite everything, but the demon gets serious by pulling out all the anti-magic swords from the five-petal library. Asta only has to use Captain Yami's katana and with that he manages Defense against all attacks of love.

Thanks to all the clashes that have taken place against various opponents up to this point, Asta can keep up with the competition Power of love until we see on the last page that it is actually close enough to take a dangerous lunge that the devil must avoid.

Will we find out who won the battle in the next chapter? Or everything will stop because of a revelation about the auction.

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