Dragon Ball 65: Molo has finally discovered the meaning of its limits

In the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super Goku has made another serious mistake by underestimating Molo's malice and giving him a senzu to regain his energy and start a countdown to the fate of the earth.

Restore the hand lost in the battle with Merus, Molo was able to use the angel's abilities for a momentA decision that had dire consequences for his body, which in the face of the immensity of the angelic energy swelled and forced Molo to join the entire planet earth in order to absorb that much power.

So it seems that The ultra instinct is too much even for the body of a creature like MoloJust think about when Goku first awakened the divine technique during the fight with Jiren at the Tournament of Power, the Saiyan's muscles were disproportionately swollen, but in Molo's case the Saiyan's complete lack of real physical training In the past, it has caused the expansion that we have seen.

Recall that a fan made a fun cartoon for the ending of the Molo saga, and we'll leave the theories on how Vegeta could fix Goku's mistakes.

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