The long conflict in Onigashima is over. Two emperors were defeated. Another dragon has been sighted in the skies over the island, and important faces from the country's past have returned from a thick blanket of fog. All signs that Wano is ready for a new era that will be ushered in chapter 1051 ONE PIECE.

The chapter, available on Manga Plus, begins with a part of the populace who are afraid of seeing the dragon. However, it is the transformation of Momonosuke and not Kaido, and while many are impressed by this discovery, many are amazed to see Komurasaki in front of the castle. The surprise increases with the appearance of Kin'emon and the Nine Red Scabbards. News of the return of the samurai, believed dead 20 years ago, quickly spread across the region.

Meanwhile, the Mugiwara have reunited, and while Chopper takes care of Luffy and Zoro, Yamato introduces himself to the others and says he will be sailing with them on the Thousand Sunny. The theories and assumptions about the eleventh crew member thus appear to have turned out to be correct. As the protagonists turn their gaze to the screens present in Wano, the scenery changes again.

The Nine Red Scabbards bow to Wano's new shogun. Kozuki Momonosuke makes his entrancewho unveiled his adult design for the first time, with a heartwarming speech to all Wa residents. "The tyrannical regime of Orochi and the threat of Kaido have been eradicated" With these words, Momonosuke takes on the role of Lord of Wa and assures the residents that factories will be destroyed and that taxes on drinking water and slavery will be abolished. officially begins a new era in the history of Wano.

A speech with which Momo shows that he is the worthy heir of Oden and which, as the author states in the concluding table, will only be the beginning of the glory he will achieve as shogun.

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