Dragon Ball great It wasn't a turning point in Gohan's characterization as fans had hoped, but our hero continues to be a character loved and cherished by an entire community. But how can the young Saiyan actually get stronger?

Gohan's strength should not be underestimated, although the character is currently on the fringes of the narrative as his abilities solidify within their latent potential. However, there is a common opinion, welcomed by some and not so much, regarding the powers of the son of Son Goku after which these develop through training.

In fact, this assumption about the Gohan's power development that's only partly true Small, his mentor, has repeatedly emphasized the Saiyan's abilities, which are theoretically superior even to his father's. What makes Goku's eldest son strong? it is his warrior instinct which he can fall back on on sporadic occasions, perhaps after a few days of training to resume martial arts skill. Whenever Gohan returns to warrior, his development becomes rapid and distinct, with a consequent evolution of his characterization.

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