Disney+ is one of the protagonists of the partnership between Disney and Kodansha that will follow at the end of November 2022. The video-on-demand service therefore also adds the anime of Murai in love.

In the sentimental shoujo, written and drawn by Junta Shima, the protagonist is a high school introvert, or rather murai, who finally confesses his love for Tanaka, an otaku girl who makes video games her whole life. The student is initially rejected, but without giving up, he tries to get his crush's attention in a romantic way.

The anime adaptation of Murai in Love was already public knowledge in June 2022, but it did not become so Exclusive to Disney+. The company therefore branches out in its Japanese section through its channels, posters and trailers. The poster, seen at the bottom of the news, is official artwork, with the delicate couple framed by a variety of characters. From the desaturated colors applied to Copic to the skillful strokes of black ink, it reveals the franchise's visual style at first glance. The trailer at the top of this page is more of a teaser: it slightly animate parts of the paper cartoons and also make them a kind of showreel. The second half of the video is entirely devoted to the Disney+ logos.

What do you think of the new material Murai in love? Tell us yours with a comment! You may also be interested to know that Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown is exclusive to Disney+.

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