The latest episodes of The attack of the giants I've reserved many twists and turns between the return of Pieck and Porko and the explosion of Zeke. But another question that keeps fans in suspense is undoubtedly the fate of one of the most beloved characters in the entire work: Levi Ackerman.

The latest sighting of the Captain of the Special Operations Squad The Research Corps was in the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants: on this occasion, Levi and Zeke They are in a wooden carriage and the Ackerman is certain they own it Giant animal, deeply crippled and with a Throw lightning stuck in the chest. However, Jaeger is ready to do whatever he can to implement his plan for the future of the Eldians, and so he detonates the Lancia, with Levi participating in the explosion.

The anime series has now reached the final midseason of The Attack of the Giants, but has not provided any further information about the fate of Levi for the time being, which casts viewers into doubt. However, if you're curious and want to know the current state of the warrior, read on, but Attention: It's about Events after the fourth seasonand therefore included Spoiler told about the events in the paper work.

Luckily for Captain Levi he is not dead: The explosion wounded him badly, practically dying him, and knocking him unconscious near a river. Fortunately for him that Jaegeristen, powered by Floch, with whom he also traveled Hang Zoe. The research corps commander rejects the hunters' proposal to give Levi the coup de grace, pointing out that the soldier was practically dead, and exploiting Floch's later distraction caused by the sight of Zeke Jaeger present nearby to recover the body of his colleague and friend and to escape thanks to the current of the river.

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