Through thick and thin, Pokémon exploration makes a lot of talking about yourself. Recently, the new season of Pocket Monster has returned to the center of attention after initial confirmations of the return of Ash's historic rival. Before that, though, we need to deal with a filler episode.

After the clash with Iris in the final episode, it's time to take a short break from Pokémon World Championship. The staff did indeed take care of the protagonists, especially for Goh, a new adventure in the episode this week. This week will be the 66th episode with the title "The white flower of Flabébé"whose table of contents contains the following:

"One day all of the flabébé suddenly develop from Goh to Floette at the same time. At least it seemed that way until Goh realized that one of the 5 Flabébés, the white one, was not with them. He finds it moments after looking around, but finds that he can no longer fly because all of its petals are gone. Goh and the others travel to the Kalos region, where the young coach first met his Flabébé to cheer him up.""

Some fans were a little disappointed with the plot of the episode, as the fillers have long since put that aside Team Rocket There is less and less space. The legendary gang is one of the most popular teams among Pokémon fans, which is why this absence in the dedicated community is particularly important. Do you think Team Rocket is down? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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