Some time has passed since the tournament between universes 6 and 7, and while the protagonists at Capsule Corp. celebrate, Bulma discusses the consequences and dangers of time travel with Jaco. Seventeen years in the future, a Goku-like individual is wreaking havoc. Thus began the saga of Trunks from the Future, Third of Dragon Ball great.

We learn that Bulma has been captured and when Mai is apparently killed, tribes He unleashes himself against the person who looks enormously like Goku, and then manages to reach the time machine and reunite with the protagonists in the present. Here he explains the situation to everyone and also tells about his own train with the great Kaioshin in the use of the sword Z. Meanwhile, we also witness the emergence of Zamasu, who is determined to become the Kaioshin of Universe 10.

The protagonists meet the High Priest and Zeno and learn from Kibith that Zamasu is looking for information about the body swap. Fascinated by this unique quest, Beerus sets out Gowasu, Kaioshin of the tenth universe and Zamasu's master, and once he understands the apprentice's true intentions, he destroys him. The Goku Black in Trunks' future is actually Zamasu, who took over Goku's body and killed him shortly thereafter.

Determined to stop the threat, Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta travel through time and arrive at Zamasu. After being put in trouble by the power of Vegeta and transformed into Super Saiyan Blue, Goku Black, capable of reaching the level of Super Saiyan RosΓ©, is rescued by Zamasu from the future of the protagonists' timeline, which appears in the future has passed from tribes.

Black therefore manages to defeat Vegeta and the others, who are forced to flee. While Trunks creates a distraction and pulls the antagonist towards him, the protagonists board the time machine and return to the present. Goku goes to Master Roshi to learn the mafubaand Vegeta spends a whole day in the space of mind and time.

Ready to return to the alternate timeline, the two Saiyans arrive just in time to rescue Trunks, Mai, and Gowasu, who have traveled through time to stop Zamasu, who was badly injured after an attack by his former student. Unfortunately, Goku forgot that the seal is permanent Zamasu merging with Goku Black through the Potara earringsgiving life to an extremely powerful and immortal being.

Therefore, the only hope left for the protagonists is the fusion through Goku and Vegeta's earrings, and the prince is convinced not to use them until after he gets into trouble. Vegetto Super Siyayan Blue manages to unleash himself against Zamasu, but the energy expended by the fusion causes Goku and Vegeta to return separately. Meanwhile, Kaioshin learns about Trunks' training and explains how to use i regenerative powers to restore power to Goku or Vegeta. The Prince steps aside, knowing that he is still inferior to Goku, who, thanks to the energy restored by Trunks, manages to perfect the Super Saiyan Blue and last longer.

Fused Zamasu grows more and more angry and as he is about to split, Trunks cuts the two halves cleanly. However, various Zamasu begin to form and regenerate, and Goku comes up with an idea: summon the Great One Zeno to show him the situation and make him destroy every antagonist. However, the king of all universes is not limited to this and decides to dissolve the planetand the protagonists only manage to escape by running very quickly to the time machine.

Zamasu was decisively defeated, and the Trunks saga from the future, told from chapter 12 to chapter 26ends with the meeting between the two Zeno organized by Goku and the return of Trunks and Mai to the new future that was born when Beerus killed Zamasu and prevented his ascension.

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