Bakugo has his own way of showing his affection by giving him some not very pretty nicknames that he uses to apostrophize his companions. My hero academy. The first victim was Midoriya, who, still without a quirk, was nicknamed Deku, which means "good for nothing". But now we realize that Best Jeanist also has an affectionate nickname.

Bakugo and Best Jeanist have a relationship that goes beyond just a mentor and a student. During his internship at No.3 Hero's current agency, Kacchan actually learned several basic lessonswhich led to him becoming a person very different from the one on the first pages of the work.

However, the wolf loses its fur, but not its vice. Just as with Midoriya, his childhood friend, Bakugo wrote a Nickname also for Best Jeanist, a nickname that has very little sweetness.

As highlighted by Twitter user @ redandblonde420, Katsuki calls the professional hero with the nickname "Jeans Pants" or with "Denim Head", that is Denim head, the denim fabric. The community loves this side of Kacchan's character and the desire of the entire fan base is that this disrespect will never go away.

In the meantime, here is the comparison between Bakugo and Deku's way. The toughest fight in My Hero Academia 320.

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