ONE PIECE It is undoubtedly one of the longest running titles of all time, a story that has accompanied generations of fans and continues to draw in new fans from around the world today. Now there is very little time left for the franchise to break another extraordinary record and hit the fourth number.

The ONE PIECE epic has already reached thousands on several fronts, both in terms of the characters featured by Eiichiro Oda and in terms of the chapters of the manga. In any case, an important date for the work has been set for a few hours, namely the release day of the eagerly awaited Episode 1000 of ONE PIECE.

There are few souls who can boast of such a high number of episodes, the glory of which, after all, the productive masterpiece of Sensei can boast too. Well then, the episode in question will be released on November 21st da 966, originally scheduled for October 17th, will be postponed for a week in light of the 2021 Tokyo Marathon, which will occupy the time slot allotted for the television series.

So we only have to wait a few more months to finally be able to admire one of the most anticipated episodes of the anime on the small screen, which could presumably adapt an epoch-making event in history like Chapter 995. And you instead, what did you expect from episode 1000? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the corresponding field at the end of the page.

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