Demon Slayer has ended one of his most arduous battles. The one with Kibutsuji Muzan was a very long struggle for the survival of humanity, won by the group of protagonists. But the battle brought with it several collateral damage and sacrifices.

We said goodbye to the dead in the color of Demon Slayer 204, especially the pillars and Tamayo, while the living have to deal with all the injuries sustained during this arduous battle. And in the front row among those who risked the most was Tanjiro Kamado, The protagonist.

During the clash with Kibutsuji Muzan his physique was pushed to the limit: at first he was almost dead due to the demon's blood which caused him a tumor on the face and the loss of his right eye; during the battle an attack by the progenitor demon destroyed his left arm; finally it was engulfed by the giant form of Muzan e transformed into a new demon.

After being able to return to normal, Tanjiro showed all the injuries he suffered during this epic fight. His right eye is indeed blind, while the left arm that had grown back after being transformed into a demon is withered and unusable like that of an old man. However, his general conditions are stable, after waking up from the post-battle coma in a month.

All these injuries do not prevent him from returning to his life, as seen in the last pages of chapter 204 of Demon Slayer. And now we go to the final story of the manga.

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