Lupine III Thanks to his incredible talent at doing seemingly impossible tasks, he has become such a popular character around the world, a term that, by the way, doesn't appear in his dictionary. His robberies have fascinated millions of fans over the years, but how old is the gentleman thief exactly?

Before we dive into one of the biggest and most mysterious curiosities of our legendary thief, all we can do is remind you that yesterday Part 6 of Lupine III was announced and a surprise bomb arrived along with a first promotional trailer. The previous part ended with a sensational twist: the We have always admired Lupine III's face it's not how he really looks.

In reality, that aura of mystery that characterizes his character affects a number of factors. In fact, we know little or nothing about him about the past, some occasional fragments explaining how he deepened his techniques thanks to the manual. "The art of theft". Use often Vinyl chloride masks to hide his identity, but we know nothing of his real age, not even a hint. The age is unknown, but it is the same as Jigen's. And that aura of mystery goes extremely well with his character, that of a thief who reveals only the essentials and that everything he says is always part of his plan. However, what we do know about Lupine III is its height of about 1m and 79cm and its weight of only 63kg.

And you, instead, what do you expect from the new season of the anime, will it really show itself in the face for the first time? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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