Hopes were reignited when Yoshihiro Togashi's Twitter account surfaced. The mangaka from Hunter X Hunter So far it hasn't been on social media, but the first images shared, as well as the support of colleagues like Yusuke Murata and the interest of many other important figures in the Japanese publishing world, have confirmed its veracity.

It means that Hunter x Hunter is about to return. When and at the moment is not yet known, it is probably too early for speculation. At the moment the mangaka is working hard and preparing the storyboards that will be the basis for the next chapters. However, a few days ago a tweet showed the storyboard of Chapter 6, that has now changed.

Yoshihiro Togashi posted a page with a "7" in the corner written in black with a marker. This could mean that it is Preparation of Hunter x Hunter Chapter 397 At the moment. The author therefore manages to move forward fairly quickly, and considering what a Togashi assistant said, the mangaka will resume publication when he has ten storyboards ready. Of course, we remember that the storyboards, also known as "name" in Japan, do not correspond to the full manuscript, but are only drafts.

There are no official dates yet and we'll just have to be slow to follow the updates from this account to understand them when Hunter x Hunter returns to Weekly Shonen Jump.

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