Now the My Hero Academia War it's unstoppable. All the villains have jumped onto the battlefield, while All Might and the other heroes have managed to mount excellent countermeasures that have been quite successful so far. Unsurprisingly, Todoroki defeated Dabi and is now touching on the next fight.

The final arc of My Hero Academia continues to take shape with another chapter coming to MangaPlus on Sunday. However, several are already circulating on the internet My Hero Academia 354 spoilers complete with pictures. As you can see from the gallery below, this time the entire chapter is dedicated to the battlefield where Endeavor and Hawks face off All for One. And it will be these three that will openly clash attack after attack.

However, the super villain manages to do it Catch Endeavor off-guard, seriously injured him. Hawk's intervention doesn't seem to be enough and he too becomes an easy target for the villain. Just as he is hit by a huge shock wave, Tokoyami arrives in flight, taking Jirou with him, the hero number two saves. The latter is surprised by the intervention of the two boys, who confirm that class 1-A will not shrink from anyone.

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