There's so much air Renewal on Weekly Shonen Jump. A few weeks ago Super Smartphone had started, a new manga centered on a mysterious smartphone capable of searching for anything. Also available on MangaPlus, it's not the only one of the new spring series. The magazine will bring two new faces in the coming weeks.

there The first new series is Aliens Area, written and drawn by Naba Fusai. The author is no stranger to Weekly Shonen Jump, having published several oneshots and even a four-chapter miniseries in the digital version of the magazine. His debut is slated for #27 of the magazine, which will be published on MangaPlus on Sunday June 5, 2022. The series is an alien action-fantasy involving a boy while working part-time.

there The second series is Ruri Dragon instead, written and drawn by Masaoki Shindo. This is the adaptation of the oneshot of the same name that the same mangaka drew a few months ago. He's not a brand new face either, having been a Gold Future Cup competitor in the past, but this is his first real streak at Weekly Shonen Jump. This time the series is a slice of life revolving around a girl who suddenly turns into a dragon.

To make room, let's think of Ayashimon, Yuji Kaku series that just got cancelled. Still missing another series that could be Mamore! Shugomaru, another manga that gets little approval from readers. And it should not be excluded that Hunter x Hunter could return after a few weeks, also given the author's continuous news.

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