Starting October 11, 2022 simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll, theAnime adaptation of Chainsaw Man made viewers get to know Denji and his unfortunate existence, which was suddenly turned upside down after his death. Now that the story is in full swing, the series is nearing the end of its first season.

After entering the Public Department At Makima's invitation, the protagonist Denji made the acquaintance of fellow fel hunters Aki, Power, Kobeni, Himeno, and Arai. However, the latter two died after the insidious attack of the thugs of the devil weapon, the true objective of the Fourth Division. The counteroffensive has begun in Chainsaw Man 1x11, but the series is saying goodbye to viewers.

With the broadcast of the next episode, scheduled for December 27, 2022, the anime will end its first season. In Episode 12 of Chainsaw Man, Aki fights whoever killed Himeno, his longtime partner. Anyway, wait to find out what happens season finale an excerpt of what we are about to see has arrived on the web.

Twitter leakers have posted a short snippet of the anime's latest ending. there Chainsaw Man ending number 12 it's FIGHT SONG by EVE and the clip shows an old cassette player being operated by a female hand.

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