While the future of Hunter X Hunterof which no precise cadence has yet been established or the transition to a magazine other than Weekly Shonen Jump, the author Yoshihiro Togashi surprised fans by recommending on social networks a horror novel with disturbing tones quite far from what is in it to see was the adventure of Gon and companions.

In recent months, the mangaka has been very active on social media, where he often shares updates about his work and sometimes even discusses interests outside of the manga industry. This time Master praised Yumeaki Hirayama's work in his latest novel. The story of what I did to the pelicans in the park. "It's like a nightmare that you experience while waking up. I am referring to the works of Hirayama. Since my brain naturally visualizes printed words as if I were watching a movie, I can say that I experience the novels visually' is how Togashi began to describe his experience with the book.

"There are some elements in this book that made me want to visualize them, like the extravagance of some characters or completely unexpected words that I would never have thought to include at certain points in the narrative. You should read this novel, it's a once in a lifetime experienceimpossible to replace“. Opinions accompanied, as you can see in the post below, by a portrait of Hisoka, one of the most disturbing and powerful characters in the Hunter universe.

Finally here is what will be the next prince who will die in Hunter x Hunter manga and we leave you the explanation of the title of Hunter x Hunter.

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