In the latest chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen Kenjaku has revealed his true intentions. The culling game was born for a very specific purpose, and while the competitors, including Yugi and Megumi themselves, remain unaware of the organizer's plans, a skilled magician of a special level steps in to hinder the latter.

Kenjaku intends to exploit the immortal Tengen give birth to a new breed of cursed spirits, and to reach him in the Star Corridor Tomb, he had to face Choso. Despite the bravery the Guardian has shown, his skills weren't enough to even hope to slow down Kenjaku, but luckily for Choso, Yuki Tsukumo has entered the scene.

That Chapter 205 Shed light on Yuki's cursed technique, which is kept secret even from some of her superiors. The same antagonist proves incapable of understanding the Wizard's abilities, and after receiving multiple blows, it is Yuki who quickly explains her abilities. Phone call star fury Her technique allows Yuki to wield a virtual mass so vast that it surpasses anything in and out of the other cursed techniques.

A very interesting power, also considering the possible surprises related to Kenjaku's gravity. What do you think of Yuki's technique? Tell us in the comments. Finally we leave you the latest data on the earnings of the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie.

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