Warning! This review on Horimiya Chapter eleven contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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Page 11. It may seem like hate

Horimiya Chapter 11 begins with a conversation about just being children. Iura is revealed to have a younger sister. Yanagi joins the group of friends and everyone wants to be closer to him. To take a step forward and get closer to the group, he first calls Tooru by his name, which makes Miyamura a little uncomfortable, but Akane makes it clear that she won't take his place away. On the other hand, Miyamura tries to help Sawada get used to the boys, but the noisy Iura is the biggest obstacle. A misunderstanding leads Sawada to believe that he made Iura angry, but it was only a cold's fault. Iura's sister is preparing for her exams but cannot reach the level she needs. After a bad comment from her teacher, she becomes depressed, but Iura comforts her and seeks help with her studies.

Comfortable distance and uncomfortable distance

This episode enables us to observe the comfort that different kinds of distance with people can bring us. Sometimes it doesn't necessarily mean we're friends when we're friends. There is also the case that we can feel a little comfortable interacting with someone who is not necessarily our friend. In terms of this comfort in relationships, it is very subjective and depends a lot on our context. It is not difficult or difficult for Miyamura to get close to her friends. That may be a derivative of her relationship with Shindou, which is pretty close. Then we have Tooru who is someone who naturally reaches out to others, which makes them quite accessible. It's no wonder he's the first Miyamura and now Yanagi opened up with.

If we move on to the Yanagi case, we have one person who is already quite reluctant, but despite his reservations, Yanagi has opened up to one person, and that is Yuki. Therefore, there is not the same barrier that connects them to others. It won't happen right away, but Yanagi will naturally be able to open up to the rest, especially considering everyone has this disposition. It's also a plus for his relationships that he can be astute. When I noticed Miyamura's jealousy, he showed empathy and joy in feeling more integrated. For his part, Miyamura must learn to deal with these new emotions. Having a group of friends is something new to him too.

Finally, we have the case of Sawada, she is still dealing with her fear / discomfort with men. She has made great strides here, certainly thanks to Miyamura, who seems to be more and more like a brother to her. For Sawada we have a more graphical representation to understand who she is more or less comfortable with. Tooru is in front again, making it clear that he is undoubtedly the most approachable of the group. Quite the opposite of him, we have Iura, who, although very friendly, clashes with her preferences. He is too lively and loud, completely opposite to the calm and serenity that his brother seems to convey to him. The latter is more of a theory, there is nothing explicit, but he had previously pointed out that it was possible that Sawada's fear stemmed from the loss of his brother.

Right or wrong, Iura clashes with the minor's preferences, but that doesn't mean she hates him. It is only instinctive to run away from its noisy existence. That she was worried about pissing him off is the biggest proof that she doesn't hate him and that she does care about him to some extent.

Iura in two facets

We can talk further about this late introduction to a great character. It's not the first episode we see Iura in, but it's the first and possibly the only one in which he starred. What catches us most about this character is the duality he represents, one that is supposed to be implied in everyone but he comes to highlight it again. You will remember that the premise we started with in this story is precisely this duality in the lives of Hori and Miyamura outside and inside the school. Basically, this idea has already become obsolete, we passed it long ago, or that is how it seemed to us. However, it has reached us again and this time from the hand of Iura.

Shun is a happy, energetic and loud guy, at least that's how his friends at school know him. But for Motoki, his sister, he's just a calm and calm guy, even though he's someone who annoys. These are definitely two sides, but both belong to the same coin. Humans are beings who adapt to the environment, not out of hypocrisy but out of survival or comfort. That's what Iura is like, he feels good when he is energetic with his friends, but this tension cannot last all day, so he appreciates the calm that reigns in his house.

But Iura has a third facet, his side as an older brother. If it's about his little sister, he can get angry, worry, and bow his head. Although you can joke with her, you care deeply about her decisions and want to support her in making them. Of course, these feelings are not one-sided, Motoki also trusts him and takes care of him. As good brothers, they both show complicity and brotherly love for one another. After all, their relationship is pretty good and anyone can tell.

Final comment

Horimiya Chapter eleven was a very easy episode considering what the previous one left us with. Emotionally, this was a much quieter episode. Of course, it was very pleasant to know more about Shun and see his facet as an older brother, but along with the rest of what is shown in the episode, it's not the emotional carousel that they usually give us. The animation was beautiful as always, the detail of the snow between scenes is what I loved and moved the most. It seems to herald a certain event that we would all like to see animated. As for the narrative, the strange jumps between scenes returned, but because of the details of the snowflakes, I'll ignore them.

Before I finish with that, I just want to get a little fancierism. I loved that they animated the scene of Miyamura being jealous of Yanagi and he blushed so much when he was spotted by him. I don't want to be but when they show these scenes my sending side is present but I won't, Miyamura is from Hori and there are no further arguments there. That on the fangirl side, then we have my little complaint no complaint, I think it was cruel to fail to see that Sakura is viewed with envy by other girls because of her closeness to Yanagi and Miyamura. Sakura's harem is a very fun part of the manga.

So far, I'll leave you with the usual questions: What did you think of this chapter? What is the best distance from others? Do you think Miyamura has a lot of people on his personal blacklist? What do you think of Iura as a brother and as a person? Shall we ship Iura with Sawada?


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