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Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 2: Friends

Be aware of the different types of eccentricities that can be found Exorcist Ninja, Matsuri She quickly accepts that she now has a woman's body. In order to better adjust suzu He will help you with the basics, mainly getting dressed, including underwear. And thanks to the fact that the principal of the high school they would attend is a friend of their grandfather's, Matsuri You can go as a girl. Getting the attention of its class.

Matsuri not looking for a stake suzu and her friends at school because she thought it would be even more of a nuisance to be constantly on guard in case she reappears. Shirogane. He then senses his presence and goes in search of him, quickly exiting the classroom and being pursued by him suzu. During Matsuri manages to find Shirogane, suzu is found at the end of tadarea dangerous one ayakashi who was Shirogane's servant but with his yoki has now sealed his title King of the Ayakashi it doesn't work for you Matsuri easily defeated tadare.

to recognize that Shirogane It's not the only one ayakashi What to worry about to protect yourself suzu, Matsuri He asks her to introduce him to her circle of friends so they can be close to her when needed. This is like suzu introduces her to her friends from high school: Yayoi Toba Y Lucy Tsukioka. Besides that Matsuri Exchange contact with suzu and they come home much closer together.

Though his plan failed Shirogane prepared another. turn into something suzu manages to take the scroll with his sealed power Matsuri, but gets caught by it. Before I could do anything about it King of the Ayakashithat truly suzu comes to stop him because they don't know if by exorcism Shirogane Matsuri will stay as a woman. Something you are ready for Matsuribut at the urging of suzu, Matsuri decides to take Shirogane as his pet to watch him constantly.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 2

group of friends

With the arrival of Ayakashi triangle - In Chapter 2, the appearance and the official presentation of the two friends was added suzu: Yayoi Toba (jayo) J Lucy Tsukioka (Lu). Although both had already appeared in the animation of the openingshows a bit of his personality.

Start with jayowho valued me showed a rather cheerful and outgoing personality with a desire to invade the personal space of others. With a bit of "sexual harassment" on the side. To me, a nice personality for a female character in the anime genre EchiAdd fan service to the series without generally feeling forced. Although her behavior seems perverted, she eventually falls behind the closet's perverted mentality. suzu.

Haruka Tomatsu is the seijuu that gives vote jayo. Other of his works are: Asuna Yuki ("Sword Art Online"), Kyōko Hori ("horimiya"), Sumireko Sanshokuin ("oresuki"), zero two ("Darling in the FranXX"), Lala Satanin Deviluke ("to love Ru"), Etc.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 2

For his part, the first impression he gave me Lu it was that she would be someone shyer, generally an introvert, but that she would be quite warm and lively who she made friends with. However, after actually seeing a bit more of the character, my entire first impression fell apart. Proves to be a lot more sociable than I thought, on top of his almost obsessive photography and "market". While it was a big change from what I envisioned, the truth is I don't feel like it fits the character badly. At least for now.

the seijuu responsible for Lu is Hina cinemawho also gave voice to characters like: Ranka Okami ("to die! Seton Gakuen"), Yuna Matsumoto ("Wade!"), hanako honda ("Asobi asobase"), among other.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 2

I would honestly like to see more about it jayo Y LuHowever, I do not consider this to be a current priority. Especially so early Ayakashi triangle (is only the second episode). I don't think (nor do I expect) that they can become a hook to the story any time soon. First, the protagonists develop a little more, and then supporting characters like them start to get drawn into the plot.

Is this anime stillborn?

To be honest, it's still too early to say for sure Ayakashi triangle is a dead weight Winter season 2023. But I also won't deny that it can happen for more than one reason. Miserably. I would also like to emphasize that Yabuki sensei is the complete creator of the manga of Ayakashi triangleNot how "to love Ruβ€œWhere the illustrator was practically the only one who wrote the story Saki Hasemi Sensei. So I don't expect to see that Matsuri begin to fall for no reason and in the most scientifically impossible way.

First of all, the plot shown so far is one that falls completely within the cliche of its genres. Pretty predictable which can get boring for more than one. In addition, one concentrates on the Echi with so many scenes from fan service, Censorship doesn't help at all to stand out minimally. Few in the previous episodebut many more in Ayakashi triangle - Episode 2.

Although I can understand that it has censorship in scenes where the content is "more explicit". EchiI think it's too much censorship, especially when it's an 'png' from Shirogane which covers half the screen just to get a small and quick glimpse of one of the characters underwear.

Although it's also true that I think the plot and character development have the potential to make for a more than interesting story. As for the development of the characters, for example, there is undoubtedly the one suzu in Ayakashi triangle - Chapter 2 had a thought on that if you don't mind Matsuri Continue to be a woman even if your relationship "evolves" into a romantic one. The ability to focus on an aspect of romance that isn't very common in animes of the genre.

Even if there are people in the world with too much energyyin' (life force), which as 'Priestesses of the Ayakashi', What suzuAre there also those who have too much energy?Yang' (soul energy)? And what would they be called in this case? These questions arose from the fact that Matsuri could easily defeat tadare, as if she had become stronger by becoming a woman. I already have my own conspiracy theories, which I hope aren't quite what I want them to be, or that the plot is really predictable. Considering only two chapters of the animated adaptation aired.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 2

In the end I think I personally have too many questions that I would have liked solved or at least given more hints in the anime. However, if you look at it from a different perspective, the truth is like that Ayakashi triangle it doesn't end with captivating the ordinary viewer.

By the way about the End"Itowanai feat. Miyu Tomita, Kana Ichinose (εŽ­γ‚γͺい feat. ε―Œη”°ηΎŽζ†‚, εΈ‚γƒŽη€¬εŠ ι‚£)" from MIMINARI, I must confess that I loved both the rhythm and the lyrics of the music and its animation. Animation oddly "uncensored" in its moments (at least not as much as the episode itself). fan service. Although it also has its spoilersome which I think are much older than those shown in the opening theme.

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