To counter the spread of the infection caused by Covid-19, the 2020 edition of Lucca Comics & Games It has been renewed in terms of usage. The activities are very numerous, albeit to a lesser extent than usual, and the program is growing day by day. Let's find out all the news.

The Lucca Comics & Games 2020 Changes Edition can be followed from home, on the most popular streaming platforms and on RAI channels, as well as a limited number directly at the trade fair. The program of this new edition is inspired by the figure of Gianni Rodari, one of the greatest intellectuals of the Italian 20th century.

"In this very special year in which the change has taken place profoundly engraved in the daily life and growth of the very youngA joint initiative was required to bring the Master of Omegna back into focus. Thanks to the contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation, the old Villa Bottini is being converted into Casa Rodari, where Lucca Changes celebrates the 100th anniversary of the "fabulous Gianni".and reminds everyone of the love Rodari had for the world of comics. "Renowned personalities such as Pino Boero, Vanessa Roghi and Gaia Stock will take part in Casa Rodari.

RODARICA was made in collaboration with Book on a Tree A project that will take shape in 2021. This new project was born "To collaborate with the schools of Lucca, with teachers and children. Starting from one of Rodari's last stories," The Game of the Four Cantons ", children become collaborators of the imagination. The best works are developed and presented through itineraries Exhibition".

Visitors can find and buy in the Lucca Changes Pop-Up Store One hundred novelties among the new releases of board games. ""The site shows off the best of the game from the second half of the year, with showrooms and sales of the main titles"Among the various rooms in the store there will also be an area devoted to books, action figures, LEGO and the best comic book publications.

The Dream On exhibition opens on Saturday, October 24th. "Dedicated to dreamers who believe in the power of imagination and the importance of sharing. The rooms of Palazzo Ducale will be dedicated to the twelve artists who created the poster for this edition". The exhibition will support the brand new Changes Award, a cash prize for the best new cartoonist.

The digitization of Lucca is changing It also goes through the 115 bonfires that are scattered across Italy. To access these outposts, visitors must purchase the Campfire Pass, which is available in a standard or special version on the website. Purchasing this pass includes access to a web application where you can view promotions and offers from sponsors, view reserved events, and check the seats available in each campfire."The digital offering from Lucca Changes can rely on an exceptional technical partner who will face the challenge of 2020: 3Labs". Lucca Comics & Games 2020 has joined Amazon in the new Lucca Store

The Lucca Changes - OFF program was launched to give space to all security initiatives. The OFF program will be filled with community-proposed activities that will run from October 29th to November 1st. A big one is also on the way Photo book about Lucca Comics & Games. Published by Rizzoli, LUCCA COMICS & GAMES: Stories and images from the Pop Culture Festival are a unique journey through stories, anecdotes, curiosities and interviews. Leading the reader will be Christian Hill's vision. The volume, which can be pre-ordered from today, will be available in bookshops from October 20th.

Eventually, Lucca Comics & Games will partner with Cyberpunk and the National Transplant Center. The popular role-playing game allows users to experience firsthand what it means to need and learn a vital organ the importance of the transplant in saving or improving someone's life.

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