Fans of Berserk They often wait for new chapters of work as well as new soul transpositions of the same. Unfortunately, it seems that due to the pandemic, fans will also have to wait to visit the recently announced exhibition.

Towards the end of 2020, we heard about the decision to launch aExhibition in Tokyo dedicated to the work of Kentaro Miura and how the announcement disappointed Berserk readers in the hope of seeing a new animated adaptation.

The series, which began on the pages of Young Animal magazine in 1989, is still being published, and while its fans wait in fear for the adventures of to finish GatsuThe new show should put the long manga back in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, we received news of the postponement of the opening of the exhibition to the public via a tweet. The cause is there again Covid-19 pandemic, which also postponed the screening of the film Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 in cinemas. The Japanese government has indeed and is currently declaring a state of emergency No new date is known At the opening of the event, the public will then be asked to visit the official website for details of the announcement.

However, I am waiting for more information and remember that the new Berserk pages with Chapter 363 will be available soon.

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