To be honest, the latest saga from Dragon Ball Super In terms of originality, it actually didn't shine. In many cases, some narrative choices appeared to be a re-enactment of some Dragon Ball Z events. The new narrative arc is taken from the first ambitious spoilers, but the basic incipit bears no resemblance to a "safe" character?

Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super has to be talked about in just a few tables. Not just because Bardock appeared on the pages too, albeit in shape Oozaru, but mainly because of one brief preview of Granolla's past, the title character of the new manga saga.

Toyotaro has already provided some basic explanations by telling the story of this mysterious individual. Granolla is apparently the last survivor of the Ceruleans, a race that was exterminated by the Saiyans when they were still under the direct control of the Freeza Army. Because of this, the alien feels a strong hatred for the Emperor of Evil and the Saiyajins. However, he is convinced that the planet Vegeta and its inhabitants died due to a meteor. However, Granolla cannot tie this particular past to a familiar face Baby from Dragon Ball GT. Even the Tsuful race was wiped out by the Saiyans under Freeza control, and overall Baby was none other than the last survivor.

The Toyotaro was inspired by Dragon Ball GT in this new saga or is it just a little coincidence? Let us know what you think with a comment in the box below.

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