The series of Naruto represents one of the pillars of Battle Shonen and the manga industry in general, and the adventures and characters created by Masashi Kishimoto are still gaining millions of fans around the world, thanks in part to an impressive amount of merchandise that the series has on the site are dedicated to market.

More than 21 years have passed since the first Naruto chapter appeared on the Weekly Shonen Jump pages 4th October 1999During this time, many figurines, collectible statues and even replicas of some of the most famous objects in the series that we often see in fantastic cosplay games were made. And now thanks to one Collaboration with Citizen WatchFans can also wear watches made specifically for Team 7 members.

This was announced by Citizen itself, one of the largest Japanese wristwatch manufacturers, and posted the photo which you can find on the news below. As you can see, each piece is different by the color that differentiates the characters from Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashiwith the leaf village symbol in the upper quadrant and the symbols of the Sharingan, the Hermit of the Six-Way Mode and the Byakugo in the lower quadrant.

The models will be available from November 19th at a Price of $ 330 each. Keep in mind that a fan-made video of Kakashi went viral, and we'll leave you to the Naruto anime's three disappointments that didn't do the manga justice.

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