The fourth season of the animated My hero academia He gave us the opportunity to get to know Mirio in detail, also known by the hero name Lemillion. His particular story has made him a public favorite, and a fan pointed out why he is considered one of the most promising young heroes.

During the fourth series of My Hero Academia, Mirio lost his idiosyncrasy after fighting Overhaul. The fearsome antagonist ended Lemillion's career as a hero and extinguished his hopes the hero who would save a million lives. Nevertheless, Mirio still shows his characteristic smile.

In the new Paranormal War of Liberation arc, Lemillion couldn't help Deku and his companions, but his absence did not demotivate his followers, who claim that Quirk or not, The boy is the best hero in the saga created by Kohei Horikoshi.

In support of this thesis, the user Reddit That's My Enclosure intervened, who shared An exciting moment between Mirio and Eri, Child he sacrificed for. Although Eri suffered from past events and still felt guilty, Mirio stayed with her all the time during the cultural festival and eventually the little girl came to imitate her actions. Even though he's now free of Quirk, his hero essence is still one of the strongest. But will he ever be able to regain his talent? You can find a clue in the My Hero Academia 5 trailer. In the meantime, we can admire the new costumes of the young Yuei heroes on the new My Hero Academia poster.

Mirio, reflecting Eri's excitement, was such a subtle, sane piece. Some heroes don't need quirks. by r / BokuNoHeroAcademia

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