During their long journey, the Mugiwara have met many allies. Some have been fundamental, others have made small contributions. The fact remains that all of them have been an excellent lifeline or useful method for Luffy and his companions to conquer the various islands ONE PIECE. Of course, there were also allies in Wano.

One of the first people Luffy met was O-Tama, the little girl who lived on the fringes of the island's civilization. And she was looked after by a certain Tenguyama Hitetsu, an elderly character who wears a tengu mask and whose true identity has therefore long been mysterious. But many ONE PIECE fans have speculated as to Hitetsu's true identity, which it was confirmed with chapter 1053 of the manga.

Nico Robin encounters this figure in the basement of the castle, e.g Hitetsu reveals here that she is Sukiyaki Kozuki, father of Oden and thus former Shogun of Wano. It was a secret that many already understood, especially since the voice actor was chosen by Sukiyaki in the anime ONE PIECE. With his identity fully understood and revealed, will he be the one to reveal new information about the ancestral weapon Pluton?

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