The Dragon Ball Z anime has a fascinating series of experiences with Portugal, starting from the hilarious dubbing that made the web cry a few months ago with laughter, passing through the homages of some athletes and much more. What we want to show you today, however, is a real blast from the past.

The Reddit user xHardSoul in fact, he showed fans of the series the very original Portuguese cover of the VHS edition of Dragon Ball Z: The challenge of the invincible warriors, the 1991 film that introduced the character of Lord Slug.

The cover, visible at the bottom of the article, is completely different from the one chosen by Toei Animation e adopted by any other western countryIncluding Italy. In the Portuguese version, the cover shows a close-up of Goku while holding the Stick Nyoi, weapon not present in the film and practically never used in Dragon Ball Z. Behind him are Vegeta, another character not present in the film, and an alternative version of the Super Saiyan, this time completely covered in gold.

And what do you think of it? Do you remember such blunders on his italics? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In case you want to recover the film instead, we remind you that the Dragon Ball Film Collection was distributed in Italy in 2018 by Koch Media.

The official portuguese VHS cover for Movie 4 (Lord Slug) actually looks like a really bad bootleg / fake. from r / dbz

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