The highly appreciated epic de JoJo's Bizarre Adventures it only managed to gain public attention after the release of the animated production, when the franchise immediately made itself known to millions and millions of spectators scattered all over the world.

The fortune of the brand, however, is obviously linked to the contents of the production itself, with meticulous attention in the creation of well-characterized characters accompanied by an always intriguing narrative, all combined with a design style that is as peculiar as it is appreciated. There are countless faces that remain etched in the hearts and minds of the public, unique personalities on which cosplay and fan-art of incredible quality are continuously made.

This time, however, it was the user Reddit Iahme2 who caught the public's attention, who decided to publish a fantastic - and in some ways also disturbing - fan-art dedicated to Bruno Bucciarati, one of the main characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Vento Aureo. As visible in the news image, the artist has in fact decided to reproduce Bruno with a style that is as realistic as possible, with a truly convincing final result that has been able to earn the praise of countless users.

Before greeting you, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you can find our review of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo Vento Aureo.

[Fanart] I made some semi-realistic digital art of Bruno! His haircut is so hard to draw but I did my best lol (@ iahme2) from r / StardustCrusaders

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