Bleach: The sensuality of animal Harribel in this fantastic cosplay

The cast of the protagonists of bleaching is one of the most varied and successful in the current anime scene. As a tribute to the series created by Tite Kubo, a fan has created a spectacular cosplay of Tier Harribel.

With the arrival of Tite Kubo's Burn The Witch, the bleach mania has exploded again. Among so many antagonists and protagonists This time, animal Harribel should be emphasizedreturned to the world of soul society thanks to a fantastic cosplay.

Harribel is one of the main enemies introduced in the Hueco Mundo saga, and thanks to its particular design and glacier character immediately captured the public. Female Espada, she wears her Zanpakuto Tiburón on her back and the number indicating her rank is placed on her chest. His hollow mask begins in the middle of the face and almost reaches the upper body and forms a kind of armor. Cosplayer @nunaleo managed to recreate all of these little details perfectly, and the shots shared on her Instagram profile were particularly appreciated by Bleach fans.

After several years of total darkness, it was announced earlier this year that the Bleach anime would officially return to adjust the final arc of the manga. Before the cartoon series arrives, let's look at the personalities and roles of Bleach's Quincy Uryu Shida. Recently, Kurosaki also starred Ichigo in a female Bleach cosplay.

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⚡️Tia Halibel ⚡️ Deuxième shoot with the costume of Halibel, cette fois ci en solo and j'avais fais l'arme avec aide de ma petite @syza_cos pour l'occasion! Première fois que je fais une séance avec @junkeephotography et ça a été un véritable plaisir! J'ai déjà hâte de vous montrer les autres photos 🥰. Photo: @junkeephotography Costume: @lexistrife wig & plastron: @nunaleo & @syza_cos. #cosplay #halibel #tiahalibel #sword # espada3 #bleach #manga #cosplaygirl #cosplayhalibel

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