My Hero Academia: Uraraka’s Response to One Villain’s Allegations

The total war between Pro Heroes and Union of Villains shocked both sides with heavy losses. But in the new chapter of the manga from My hero academiaOchaco Uraraka is ready for her next step. Will he be able to stop Himiko Toga?

After her friend Twice disappears, Toga has something like one confusing state that has called into question all of his certainties. After giving free rein to his bloodlust in My Hero Academia, the villain even began to hesitate about the young heroes he seemed to admire so much.

In the final chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's manga, Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui still committed to saving the lives of citizens attacked by the anger of the gigantomachy. In an attempt to stop her with a sneaky trick Toga lures them to a new place. Disguised as an elderly lady, the villain takes the two young students to a remote street. but toga does not seek confrontation, he only demands answers.

Toga worries that the heroes are ready to slaughter all union members to defend the citizens. However, Uraraka has seen the villain do terrible things and is ready to do anything to stop them and return to save innocent victims. This situation is more complex than expected and although the role of the antagonist certainly belongs to toga, the villain just wants it defend your friends. In the meantime, here are five secrets about a My Hero Academia quirk that you may not know.

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