The countdown to the final installment of the episodes of The attack of the giants 4that will actually take fans to the natural end of the story has only just begun. Yesterday, Studio MAPPA actually revealed when Part 2 would be released.

Just a week after Part 1 of The Attack of the Giants 4 landed on Netflix, we are already returning to talk about the final episodes of the series before we also conclude the masterpiece of in animated form Hajime Isayama. The staff has actually announced that the new episodes will come out next January or during the winter season, as the team previously announced.

The director too Hayashi spoke on the occasion with a message for the audience that follows: "Thank you for waiting! The second part of the final season starts next January! From the great battle of Shiganshina to the history of the creation of the Giants, we are currently reaching the climax. We are also faced with many new visual challenges. Especially the scene that will be represented ... please take a look!"

Eren's voice actor too, Kaji Yuki, he expressed himself with a comment of a few words in which he merely added:If you don't fight, you can't win"So we just have to wait the next few months to find out how the Research Corps' adventures will end. What are your expectations? Let us know with a comment below."

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