One week after its launch on the Japanese market, the OVA's Blu-ray is the animated adaptation of Tonikaku kawaii (TONIKAWA: Over the moon for you), justified Tonikaku Kawaii: SNS, cumulative 1,277 copies sold.

The package was released in Japan on August 18 and only contains the 27-minute OVA mentioned above plus some video benefits of around a minute. It costs 5,280 yen (about US $ 51) and includes a special booklet with production material and an original manga by Kenjirou hata as an advantage.

Hata started publishing the manga through the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday from the publisher Shogakukan in February 2018. The piece inspired a twelve-part anime adaptation produced by the studios. Seven arches, Headed by Hiroshi ikehata and scripts written by Kazuho hyodo, published in October 2020. The production of an OVA was confirmed and the start took place on August 18th.

Tonikaku Kawaii Synopsis

Nasa Yuzaki is determined to put his name in the history books. By taking first place on the simulated national exam and aiming for a prestigious prep school, you can be sure that you have all your life planned. However, fate is a capricious lover. On the way home on a snowy night, NASA's gaze falls on an incomparable beauty across the street. Nasa tries spellbound to approach her, only to be surprised by an oncoming truck.

Fortunately, the girl's quick action saved his life. He is bleeding next to an ambulance and watches as the girl runs away in the moonlight, reminiscent of Princess Kaguya, who sets off for the moon. She refuses to let this chance encounter end, forces her crippled body to haunt her, and asks her out on a date. Surprised by his ruthlessness and determination, the girl accepts his confession on one condition: they can only be together if he marries her!

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