The brief history of Chainsaw manDuring the break, waiting for a second part that arrives on Shonen Jump + in 2021, special and well-characterized characters as well as very classic Shonen mechanics were introduced. The second Chainsaw Man popularity poll confirmed this reader focus.

There were many votes received from all characters in this global poll that made Aki excel. The government organization member defeated Power, who instead won the first poll. But in the other positions there are lots of characters that get lots of votes and affirmations. Among them is poor Kobeni, one of the most abused girls in Chainsaw Man.

She was unlucky and had to deal with Denji and Power and their follies as well as the catastrophic events during the manga. In the end it was despite her being involved in bigger situations than she is and who knows if we'll see her again in the second season of Chainsaw Man. Meanwhile, cosplayer Spacejamminn, who has already brought a cosplay of haughty power in the past, has decided to return to the world created by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Below we see them Cosplay of poor Kobeni from Chainsaw Man with the classic uniform with shirt and black tie, scared and scared.

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A contribution from Jam (@spacejamminn)

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