For fans of , time never flies fast enough chainsaw manwho have been waiting for a year and a half now not only for part 2 of the manga, which Tatsuki Fujimoto temporarily put on hold to devote himself to two much-appreciated one-shot stories, but also for the anime.

The latter will help attract more fans to the opera. The Chainsaw Man anime that studio MAPPA is producing right now is one of the most anticipated for next season and it already looks like it's outpacing the competition. It's a long time coming, because there won't be any episodes before the fall season scheduled for October.

It is now known that the world will be that of modern-day Japan, with the protagonists working with a government organization that deals with devils. However, in a manga cover, Fujimoto decided to portray the two heroines Power and Makima in the sister version, as they have never appeared in the series. Two Japanese cosplayers, Puutin and Amaura K decided to create this one Nurse Power and Makima Cosplay just to pay homage to the story's two female characters.

White dress and then the signature features, featuring power with horns sticking out of her head and Makima draped in her iconic red hair. If you prefer classic characters, don't miss this power spoiler cosplay or this amazing Makima cosplay.

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