Yashahime: Inuyasha sequel poster re-introduces old characters

With the beginning of YashahimeMany fans of the now completed Inuyasha have returned to dream, and on the wave of this great return, the artwork of a new poster will be unveiled, depicting heroes old and new of the saga.

Inuyasha it ended years ago with the reunification of the eponymous protagonist and Kagome during the feudal period. Years later, it is the latter's daughter and Sesshoumaru's daughters who are the protagonists of the new story.

On the recently released poster we see the three new main characters: Moroha, Daughter of Inuyasha is Kagomein the middle and Towa and Setsuna, daughters of Sesshoumaru, below. What will pleasantly impress fans, however, is the presence of old acquaintances in the upper part of the artwork, i.e. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru themselves, who, despite the years between the two series, seem to have not changed an iota, if not for an expression a slightly sweeter.

Fans of the saga seem very active lately Towa is Setsuna We wondered who the mother of these two Yashahime protagonists could be. Many are closely following the developments of the series and may hope for a return of Inuyasha and Kagome to support the new protagonists.

Yashahime was launched in October 2020 and can be found on Crunchyroll. What do you think of the show? do you follow him Are you waiting for the return of the old protagonists? Let us know with a comment.

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