The big franchise of Dragon Ball continues its way to the top of the anime / manga industry with all kinds of productions - including animated series, paper productions, films, video games and much more - which have kept busy an audience composed of millions of fans scattered all over the globe .

Thanks to its characters full of charm and its clashes to be lived with the heart in the throat, the work is still on everyone's lips, with the social media that are now literally full to the brim with fanmade works - between cospley and fanart made with a sometimes obsessive care - which have contributed to keeping attention always high.

Well, among the many who launched themselves into the realization of fanmade works, this time it was the artist @qiashucai who made himself heard, thanks to a splendid animated drawing that imagined our well-known Goku in a guise at least interesting. For the occasion, the boy has in fact decided to imagine our hero as a God of Destruction, thus bringing to light a recognizable but at the same time threatening look where every detail has been created with extreme care. The work, as you can see from the visible image by scrolling through the news, is nothing short of splendid and has managed to gain the appreciation of many users.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that just recently a splendid Dragon Ball themed figure dedicated to Bulma and Goku has been revealed to the public.

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