Bessatsu Shonen Magazine will arrive in Japan in a few days, exactly on June 9, 2020. The number 06-07 of the Kodansha magazine is the one that contains a chapter of The Attack of the Giants every month. The Isayama manga is therefore about to return with the expected chapter 129 which comes after a month off.

This morning we introduced you to the first spoilers for The Attack of the Giants 129 but in the past few hours more information has arrived on the net about the contents of this chapter. To divulge them is the insider Shuuko who through his Twitter page shares the hottest news in the history of this month.

The chapter 129 of The Attack of the Giants is titled “Nostalgia” and will naturally see the battle continue between Floch and the alliance created between Armin’s and Marley’s groups. During the battle, Reiner and Annie are at risk of dying but the figure in the shadow of a few chapters intervenes to save the situation: it is Keith Shadis who allies with Armin and the others.

Floch says “I’ll save Eldia” before receiving a bullet fired by Gabi. The boy falls overboard and is probably given up for dead, even if he is not sure. They all get on a ship except one person. Magath and Shadis remain in the harbor to detonate everything, so as not to allow other enemies to chase the boys. The duo seems to blow themselves up together and therefore die.

The chapter also reviews the giant Falcon. On the last page, Pieck and Gabi watch the explosion crying. The group of boys then heads for the final mission of The Attack of the Giants and neither Eren nor Historia have been seen or mentioned in this chapter.

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