It looks like it is working Dragon Ball Super: superhero will bring a breath of fresh air to the franchise as TOEI Animation is keen to focus on a few elements that are often pushed aside. But the real strength of this new project is the great dedication of Akira Toriyama.

All the pieces for a great story are all there, including new characters and a component of life that could help the film give a little attention to the many characters that are overshadowed. According to some hypotheses, the protagonist of the film could actually be Gohan in the role of. being Great Saiyaman or even his daughter, little Pan, who grew out of the TV series.

We know that Akira Toriyama He worked on the script of this film for several years, but above all how that Comic-Con 2021that his engagement has never been so direct and intense. The pictures of Piccolo's house are indeed the fruit of the author's thoughts, as is the face of the mysterious figure. We don't know exactly how deep the sensei got into writing this feature film, but the prerequisites to open the doors to the real-life sequel to Dragon Ball Z are all there.

Instead, what do you expect from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Let us know with a comment below.

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