This review of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the chapter yet, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.

chapter summary

Day of rain leaving puddles, two walkers and a truck covering the girl up, the perfect excuse to spend more time with her and get to know her house. When the father arrives, a nervous urushi is afraid that Tanaka will say they are in the house Shogi ClubHe lies and says that he is his partner. At the old acquaintance’s restaurant, the truth is revealed to Tanaka, but the father appears and accepts the young man’s challenge. Defeated, he does not give up, misunderstandings cleared up by the wise word of Urushi’s mother. The father silently accepts Ayumu as a couple, only that… The journey is coming and they will be away for a while, an amulet and good wishes for the four-day parting. Train to win and eventually declare.

Chapter Opinion

The first part of the chapter itself is good, I loved it. The second marks something that will certainly be the subject of the next chapter, and how they pan out seems good to me. Overall it was a good chapter, the exploration of Urushi’s family seemed like the best at the level of development I had seen so far without underestimating the above, only that part seemed an outstanding debt to me. I doubt they will do the same with Ayumu due to the time remaining issue. On a technical level, everything seemed OKmaintains the expected level. The only thing that made me laugh in this section was that in the beginning they didn’t draw the faces of the protagonists, a minimal detail that I really don’t care but it made me laugh.

Meeting the father-in-law

After I processed everything, I said to myself “Oedipus complex?”, since the father is a madman and Ayumu can come to it. Which would have struck me as odd in its own way, but I’d say it’s not because Urushi fell in love with Ayumu (because he is, even if he doesn’t admit it) for who he is. All that was seen was a misunderstanding that was quickly resolved, but that allowed Urushi to feel great relief and bond better with his father, who is creepy. Seeing the man, he seems liberal, that is, he does not prevent his daughter from having a partner, and he had even adjusted to accepting her pregnancy (at least that’s what I read in the subtitles) for so long how he makes his daughter happy. And as I mentioned before, he accepted Ayumu without question because he saw how good he is and how trusting he is towards his daughter.

Just to be clear, I’m saying that this is the best development I’ve seen from Urushi because it connects past and present, ties loose ends and allows for a deeper connection to his father, as well as being a breakthrough for the future couple. Although it doesn’t look like Urushi is changing, internally it seems to me that he has matured.

PS: Urushi’s mother reminds me of the mothers of button.

One day it will be a century without you

The school trip is coming up, Urushi and Ayumu are separated. Not much to comment on, it’s a little preparatory, but just two things. The first is that Urushi was jealous or scared when Ayumu said he spent the day with Rin, after all it was her. The other thing is how nice it seemed to me that Ayumu saw her before the trip to give her the amulet, also you can read between the lines “if you come I will hit you and we will be a couple” , we recall that Ayumu’s testimony depends on her victory in the game. I’ll just wait for something to happen because I feel like this chapter can be super sad if they give it that touch.

In short, Takeru and Sakuraku didn’t appear (which I think had more development at the couple level), except for a few frames because they had no relevance in the chapter. I won’t raise my expectations for the next chapter that much, but I’ll still hope for something good.

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