The D23 Expo is one of the most important events for all fans of the Disney universe. In addition to the many announcements on video games, series, films and projects on all franchises and brands of the American giant, two very special variant covers were also unveiled on the occasion of the 60th anniversary Spiderman.

Marvel Comics has already introduced fans to some of the collectibles and special books that will be released to mark the anniversary of Tessiragnatele, such as the Beyond Amazing initiative, which has been ongoing for a few weeks, and the release of The Register. Amazing Fantasy #1000which features stories written and drawn by legendary American comic writers such as Neil Gaiman and very close to Spider-Man.

To make the occasion even more special, two more variant editions of the volume were presented during the D23 Expo 100 years Walt Disney Companyslightly earlier than the actual date, October 2023. Both signed by the artist Huberto Ramos, an important name in the superhero's final years, the illustrations you will find below have a beautiful one Spidey's birthday partywhere among the guests Iron Man, Captain American, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and of course Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Finally we let you discover the news from Panini Comics on the 60 years of Spider-Man and at the end of the Spider-Verse in a trailer from Marvel Comics.

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