Among the most anticipated projects of fall 2022 is the sixth season of My Hero Academy She had already appeared in some promotional materials, but they hadn't leaked anything about a possible release date. Finally, less than a month after the new season's actual debut, Studio Bones is back with a short commercial.

After confirming that the first episode will not be a recap of what happened in season five, breaking the traditional appointment that had marked the previous ones, the Tokyo-based animation studio has released the short spot which you can see in the news above. To reiterate the anime's sixth season official debut date of October 1, 2022, the best Pro Heroes have been summoned.

In a quick succession of just 15 secondsEndeavor, Eraserhead, Hawks, Mirko, Mount Lady and Edgeshot, which are fundamental in the final chapters of Horikoshi's manga, show off their powers by taking on the villain in the War of the Paranormal Liberation Front, which will also bring the young protagonists to the battlefield, and other heroes. Let us know what you think of this new spot by leaving a comment below.

Finally, remember that the opening and the ending of My Hero Academia 6 have already been announced.

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