After graduation for Dc comics After the events that Wonder Woman was involved in and their decisions that led her to get a new costume, let's go back to the present of the Future State event, which showed us several possible future prospects.

The story told in Infinite limit # 0 shows the woman in the presence of the five beings called Quintessence, the most powerful beings of the DC Universe, among whom is Ghost who is seated Wonder woman In front of an unexplored multiverse, he proposes to her to become part of the group of divine beings. Although heroin is an attractive proposition, it shows worried about leaving her friends and their families without being sure of their safety.

The woman finally comes to a decision when she turns around Quintessenceaffirms that their loved ones are able, by their own judgment, to live without their presence, but nonetheless the ultimate answer unexpectedly comes to the ears of powerful beings: they indeed declines the offer since she has no intention of standing still and watching how many others face the changes that are about to affect her.

Follow the statements the woman's costume, previously silver, is switching to a new version as we can see in the table at the bottom of the news. It is therefore likely that this is the aspect with which the woman faces the enemies that await her in the new Infinite Frontier adventures. What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, I remember that in the same volume of the DC Comics series, the Multiverse lost an important guardian and for those interested it reports all the details of DC Comics' Infinite Frontier.

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